KTL Designs Ltd in association with Dena Nano Ltd Mechanical Engineering Design house
KTL Designs Ltd |  60 Broad Oaks | Sheffield | S9 3HJ | Tel: 01142 562222 | Registered Office | UNIT 4/5 Beevor Street | Barnsley | S71 1HN | Tel:01226 388805 Directors  CEO Dr Brian Sulaiman I MD David Scholey I Secretary Susan Hey I Registered in England 06285415 I Vat No 911 9910 25.
Meet the Team at KTL Designs Ltd CEO and Financial Director Brian@KTLDesigns.co.uk  Dr Brian Sulaiman, from the Dena group of Companies who has a wealth of commercial knowledge, to help KTL Designs grow to its full potential. Managing Director Dave@KTLDesigns.co.uk David Scholey IEng MIMechE, who has worked within the Sheffield Steel Industry for 40 years, David’s broad engineering knowledge encompasses many aspects of the steel industry. Drawing Office Manager Paul@KTLDesigns.co.uk  Paul Ibbotson, who has had an extensive background in in the Sheffield steel industry for over 15 years. Designers  Simon Gestage Simon.G@KTLDesigns.co.uk  Anthony Jackson Anthony@KTLDesigns.co.uk  who are both invaluable to the success of KTL Designs Ltd.  Accounts Susan Hey Susan@KTLDesigns.co.uk  Where are we heading KTL Designs have at the moment 5 major Customers and we will in the new year employ enough engineers to ensure that each one of these will have their own dedicated engineer to service them, obviously they will be able to call on the resources of the team, but they will ultimately be responsible for the customer. David Scholey will still be the lead engineer on all projects, and all engineers will report to him. KTL Designs as a company, wants to diversify into three divisions 1. A design house capable of supporting customers who do not have there own design capabilities, we also see a need for helping customers bring their legacy drawings up to date, as the paper copies really need to become electronic. We are specialising in Solidworks, and hope to have 6 stations by the end of 2017. 2. A 3D printing service, we have had a lot of experience in this, and hope to add two more machines to our complement, which will give us better quality printing, we are confodent this is the way where this is going. 3. We will run our machine shop WA Carr(Dena) more efficiently in 2017, and would welcome anyone to ask us to quote, we are aiming to increase our range, and we would love to see invitations to tender, and wev will try to meet the demand for work, not exactly now, but we will try to be competitive in the future.